Business improvement utilising the latest generation digital process technology

Our recommended digital process technology is the Engage Process Suite, a powerful, cloud-based, process capture, visualisation & analysis suite.

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21st century process mapping

When carrying out reviews of services and processes it is necessary to capture the current state or AS IS situation including the important day-to-day work activities i.e. key processes. A traditional way of doing this has been to get people together who work on a particular process and use post-it notes, rolls of paper and Microsoft Visio based tools to create and document a process map. This is very time consuming and it is becoming more and more difficult for staff to be released from the day job to do this.

Whilst software tools are starting to become available to provide this capability, most are still not workshop friendly but the Engage Process Suite from the Engage Process company in Holland is one toolset which we can recommend. It enables rapid capture of processes in group workshops and produces rich output for exploration, sharing and analysis of the AS IS process which can then be compared against the future state or TO BE process to immediately create an outline business case.

We are accredited to provide training, coaching and mentoring of how to use the Engage Process Suite for the absolute best results and outputs.

The Engage Process Suite

A powerful, cloud-based, process capture, visualisation & analysis suite which makes mapping, sharing, evaluating and redesigning business processes incredibly visual and collaborative.

Its key features are:

  • Cloud-based – automatic back-up & save
  • Collaborative visual capture in group workshop(s)
  • Rapid process mapping (drag/drop, copy/paste) ensuring optimised staff time from their day job
  • Outputs immediately available for online sharing
  • Full analysis capability providing process metrics
  • Automatic process validity built-in
  • Comparison of processes
  • Switch between process views
  • Visualisation of ‘value’ across the process
  • Custom icons for the process activity steps
  • Digital ‘post-it’ note feature for capture straight into the tool
  • Processes published online in a digital process handbook

A video introducing the Engage Process Suite can be seen below. Please contact us for more information about the suite, to arrange a demonstration or trial tailored for you or to purchase the best modules and training for your particular needs.

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