Business improvement based on Lean Systems Thinking and Change Management principles

We merge Lean Systems Thinking and Change Management together to provide a people-based approach which helps organisations achieve radical improvements which sustain over time.

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Our services

We provide training, coaching, mentoring and hands-on assistance in service and process improvement, transformation and change.

A typical assignment for us is to work with an existing team responsible for a process or service, an in-house Improvement, Transformation or Change team or the leadership team themselves.

Our training workshops are practical, designed to build awareness, understanding and ability in Lean Systems Thinking and Change Management to deliver real and sustainable improvements. We design the training to fit the needs of the customer so that the day job is not disturbed.

Our training workshops can include awareness sessions for the leadership team of the company or organisation so that the right environment is created from Day 1 for the initiative to be a success.

We are also available to assist within an existing improvement team on a particular project to fill a short-term gap or to meet a tight deadline or to come in and review a key process for the client.

A Lean Practitioner is a professional who understands the Lean philosophy and is able to apply the Lean tools in practice. A Lean Practitioner is able to see, solve and improve the business through Lean awareness, understanding and ability.

Housing Associations

Whilst our customer experience includes companies and organisations in the public and private sectors such as the Ministry of Defence, the Home Office, Universities Local Authorities (Councils) and High-Street Retailers, a main focus for our services and digital process technology are Housing Associations across the UK.

Our senior Lean and Change Management Consultant has provided training, coaching, mentoring and hands-on assistance in service and process improvement, transformation and change to small and large Housing Associations in the UK including Rochdale Boroughwide Housing, Castles & Coasts, the Orbit Group, the Together Group, Salix Homes and Hyde, one of the largest Housing Associations in the UK.

Most recently, we have worked with Leeds Federated Housing Association (LFHA) in their Vision 21 Programme which was established as an organisation-wide change initiative designed to enable delivery of the LFHA Mission, Vision and Goals. A summary Case Study of the work done can be found here.

Do you need to drive business change? Cambrian provides skills transfer to individuals and teams to give them the awareness, understanding and ability they need to "see, solve & improve" your business.